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RSM Wholesale aims to deliver a specialised range of productsand services that are innovative, dynamic and best in class; available only to our Steadfast Insurance Broker network

"A Trusted Partner…"

Australian businesses count on RSM to deliver customised insurance solutions that provide a solid platform for success.

"Helping Australians secure a wealthy future...."

Speaking to a financial planning expert is essential to take control of your money. RSM Financial Services experts show you how to make your money work for you!

"A practical & specialised understanding...."

Get peace of mind with our insurance expertise, advice and assitance - know that your organisation and people are covered.

"The right policy at the right price...."

At RSM Build, our experienced specialists can answer your questions and assist the licenced builder, the commercial builder and the owner builder with their insurance requirements.

"Specialised transport insurance services & products for Australia..."

RSM transport division take time to understand the risk and exsposures that confront all logictis operations, from a fleet of trucks to an owner operator.

“Local knowledge and personal service…”

RSM Tasmania provide the same full broking service as RSM Group, and are highly regarded by our local peers and clients for our honest and ethical approach to insurance broking and advice.

Business & Personal Insurance - RSM Group

The RSM Group is comprised of a suite of unique companies that offer you and your business, specialist services and products.

The business world today moves at a rapid pace, this pace produces greater risk and requires specialised attention. RSM Group provides business with expertise and a diversity of products that help business manage the risk, manage the pace, giving you peace of mind knowing that the details are taken care of.

The RSM group web site contains a brief overview of who we are and what we do. There are also several forms and industry links that provide beneficial information on the insurance and wider business communities.

If there are any specific business and insurance issues not covered on our web site please give us a call on 03 9276 0900 as we are happy to help.

About Us

The RSM Group was established in 1985 to service the demand for customised insurance products for business and personal insurance needs.

The RSM Group has evolved into one of Australia’s most dynamic insurance broking houses providing customised service to a broad range of clients and alliance partners.

The RSM Group is large enough to provide professional infrastructure and small enough to know that quality personalised service will always make a difference.

RSM is a group of specialist companies consisting of RSM Group Pty Ltd, RSM Financial Services Pty Ltd, RSM Group Tasmania Pty Ltd, Transport Plus Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd and RSM Build Pty Ltd. The Group is comprised of an enthusiastic professional team with a wide range of expertise and specialised industry knowledge, that ensures you get the best insurance product at the best price.

RSM Group is a registered company — our Australian Financial Services Licence number is 239631