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Financial planning just makes sense. You plan your shopping list. You plan a holiday.
What about planning for a financially secure life? Speaking to a financial planning expert is essential to take control of your money.
RSM Financial Services experts show you how to make your money work for you!

RSM Financial Services will:

  • Advise you about the best ways to maximise your superannuation
  • Protect your business with business risk protection
  • Protect you and your family with personal risk insurance and estate planning
  • Explain it all in a friendly, easy to understand way.

”Don't let your finances - and your future - remain unplanned.”

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Superannuation Planning

”I know a bit about Superannuation Funds, but I'm worried about all the things I don't know."

As the saying goes, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Don't get caught out when planning your Superannuation!
RSM Financial Services knows that Superannuation can seem complicated and confusing. Believe it or not, understanding Superannuation can be made easy.
It just takes a friendly and helpful super expert to clearly explain how Superannuation Funds work.

How do RSM Financial Superannuation Planning Experts help? We will:

  • Tell you what you don't know and, most importantly, what you need to know
  • Work out all of the super options available to you
  • Design a plan - for today and tomorrow - to grow your super.

Most of all, we'll make sure your superannuation fund money doesn't just sit there doing little - we'll make it work for you!
Contact us today for your Superannuation Planning education!
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Business Risk Protection

”Running your company without business risk protection is like riding a motorcycle without a helmet.”

There are many rewards in owning a business - but there are many business risks too. However, it can be difficult to anticipate what can go wrong. That's why you need the advice of business risk experts.

Common business risks we can help with:

  • Funding arrangements upon voluntary and/or involuntary exit from the business
  • Avoid potential disputes between the surviving partners and the deceased's estate or widow
  • Prevent financial interruptions to the business upon death or disability of key persons.

RSM Financial Services advisers are your business risk experts. We will:

  • Assess potential business risks for your field or industry
  • Organise business risk protection to cover you.

Business risk protection looks after your business AND individuals. If you get sick, or are disabled, business risk protection will look after your business - and you!
When you have that kind of peace of mind, it frees you to concentrate on running a really great business.

Case Study

Problem: Joe, Paul and Con are business partners. Unfortunately, Joe is killed in an accident, leaving his share of the business to his wife. Paul and Con would like to buy her out of the company.
Solution: Paul and Con had organised business risk protection with RSM Financial Services. Their policy pays Joe's wife his share, in effect bringing forward the sale of the business. They buy her share from the proceeds of the policy.
Act now to avoid disaster - call RSM Financial Services.
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Personal Risk Insurance

Think you don't need personal risk insurance?
You probably put off thinking about personal risk insurance because you don't want to focus on negative "What if's...".
Unfortunately, Serious sickness, Injury or disability, Premature death can happen to anyone, but the bills keep rolling in.
That's why personal risk insurance is so important - for you, your family and your sense of security.

RSM Financial Services risk advisers offer risk insurance advice, including:

  • A realistic examination of your risks
  • An unbiased assessment of risk insurance providers
  • The most cost effective risk insurance for your needs.

Putting off arranging personal risk insurance leaves you and your loved ones vulnerable. With one small investment you will gain enormous peace of mind.
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Estate Planning

Estate Planning - Caring for your family's future

"Without proper estate planning, you risk the tax man taking much of your hard earned cash!"

You can minimise - or eliminate - tax liabilities, and maximise what your loved ones inherit with professional estate planning advice from RSM Financial Services.*
How RSM Financial Services advisers help:

  • Save time and money: Be prepared with a comprehensive estate plan to take to your solicitor, who will draw up your Will and Power of Attorney
  • Fine-tooth comb: We are one of the few companies that go through every detail of your estate, and advise on every possible way to reduce your tax
  • Trouble-free transfer: Your assets are transferred to your loved ones as seamless as possible, to lessen their responsibilities during a difficult time
  • Peace of mind: Expert estate planning advice gives you peace of mind that your wishes are honoured, and your loved ones are cared for.

Give your family a lasting gift - an estate that's easy to manage and a financial legacy to help them on their way through life.
Contact us now for sensitive, thorough and professional estate planning advice.

*Please note: Your Power of Attorney and Will must be drawn up by a solicitor. RSM Financial Services provides you with comprehensive estate planning advice.
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Why Use A Financial Planner?

A Financial Planner shows you how to have the financial future of your dreams.

"I know I need to organise my finances, but there's just so many options I don't understand."

Finances are complex, but not when you use a Financial Planner.
If you've ever felt frustrated by lack of knowledge and time to create a secure financial plan, a RSM Financial Planner will present you with your ideal solutions. More than just technical advice
A RSM Financial Planner is like your 'friend in the business'. Just like a friend, we sit down with you and explain technical financial concepts in a way that is understandable to you. With a Financial Planner there is no need to grope through the maze of financial jargon and confusing options.

Your RSM Financial Planner WILL:

  • Sit down with you and identify your current financial position and financial goals
  • Carefully outline and explain all of the financial options available to you
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each option
  • Develop your financial plan*
  • Show you how to manage your financial plan into the future.

Your RSM Financial Planner WON'T:

  • Baffle you with unfamiliar terms and options: Your Financial Planner is technically competent and understands products, markets and financial strategies. But most of all he knows how to tell you about them in a simple, easy-to-follow way
  • Take a One-Size-Fits-All approach: We know everyone's circumstances and goals are different, so we won't offer you a standard financial plan. We individualise our products and advice to your needs
  • Stick to a formula: Finances are our passion. All RSM Financial Planners are continually educated and kept up to date with advances, changes and legalities of the financial world. We look at the changes that are coming and make sure you're protected.

*A Financial Plan, also known as a Statement of Advice, records the advice you have been given and explains the basis for the advice.
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