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Victoria & NSW
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At RSM Build; our experienced specialists can answer your questions and assist the licenced builder, the commercial builder and the owner builder with their insurance requirements.
- Licenced Builders are required to obtain a domestic warranty policy to protect the owner, for all contracts valued at more than $16,000 in Victoria and $20,000 in NSW, except for Multi Storey Developments (more than 3 storey), before they commence work - the regulations regarding the policy cover, the limit of indemnity and the duration of the policy vary from state to state.
- Owner Builders are required to obtain a policy if they decide to sell their property within 6 years (in VIC and NSW) or 7 years (in WA) of completion of works - the regulations regarding the policy cover, the limit of indemnity and the duration of the policy vary from state to state.
- Commercial Builders - Commercial Structural Defects Insurance.
We can also assist with Construction Insurance and many other insurance packages. Our service is first rate – prompt, efficient and friendly.

Licenced Builder Insurances

RSM Build Pty Ltd provide a full licenced builder service.
We can offer assistance with your domestic warranty eligibility and provide domestic warranty policies (Domestic Warranty Insurance - protects the owner from financial loss caused by incomplete or defective work where the builder is; ‘dead, disappeared or insolvent’ This is called ‘Last Resort”. Home Warranty / Domestic Warranty / Residential Warranty (call it what you like) is a statutory insurance in. ACT, VIC, SA, NSW and WA. The regulations regarding the policy cover, the limit of indemnity and the duration of the policy vary from state to state.)
We can also offer contract works and public liability, Workcover (in Vic), Workers Compensation (in Tas, WA and ACT), business insurances; including office, workshop/joinery, tools and commercial motor vehicle, and all personal insurances.
If you would like to discuss your current situation / needs or you require a new eligibility facility; please call 03 9276 0905 for assistance.


Owner Builders Insurances

RSM Build Pty Ltd provide a full owner builders service. We can offer coverage for the actual works, public liability, workers compensation where applicable, materials in storage or transit, and tools and plant used in your construction that you own, or are legally responsible for.
If you sell your home within 6 years* of completion of an owner builder project costing more than $16,000*, you are required to provide “Owner Builders Warranty” insurance to the purchaser of the property in respect of that work. This applies to Victoria and WA.
Call 03 9276 0905 for an immediate Quote.

To be eligible for Owner Builders Warranty insurance, you will need to supply us a completed application form, together with:

  • All building Permit certificates
  • All plumbing and electrical certification
  • All final inspection and completion certificates
  • An Experts Report
  • Title and Rates, and
  • Drivers Licence

The experts report must be very specific and be carried out by an appropriately qualified person carrying professional Indemnity Insurance. In Victoria, we recommend “Complete Property Inspections” who have a specific "Owner Builder’s Warranty Expert Report” You can find them at the link below.
or call Mr Nigel Woodhouse on 0413 109 204

Owner Builder Warranty Application

* Threshold varies from State to State, and may be varied by statute or regulation in each state from time to time without our knowledge.
Check with RSM, or your conveyancing agent or solicitor if you have any doubts.


Commercial Structural Defects Insurance

Commercial Structural Defects Insurance is an Protectve Insurance for Commercial and Industrial Builders who wish to operate in Victoria and Tasmania.
The CAR cover prescribed includes compulsory Existing structures and contents cover, and cannot exclude vibration or weakening of supports.
The requirement for Structural Defects Liability insurance has arisen as a result of the Building Act reforms introduced into Victoria in 1994 and Tasmania in 2003. These replaced the principal of 'Joint & Several Liability' with that of 'Proportionate Liability'.
This change meant that to ensure consumers remained adequately protected, Commercial Builders had to take out insurance to protect against their faulty or defective workmanship.

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